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Sunday, 2 June 2013


= Soulful German Farmhouse Rye (Local Breads, Daniel Leader)

I made this bread back in March, in fact it was Easter weekend.  The weather was still very warm, I kind of got a bit carried away in the garden and forgot about my bread fermenting in the kitchen!  Being a delicate mostly rye dough, with not much wheat, I think I should have been paying a bit more attention to what was happening inside rather than my planting!

Toasting and grinding the spices for the loaf was wonderful, such a great aroma from the coriander, cumin, fennel and anise combo - YUM!  I think these spices go with sour rye doughs just perfectly, although they aren't always to everyone's taste.

When I turned the dough out of the banneton, I thought perhaps all was well as it looked just gorgeous, but then when I slashed it tic-tac-toe style as stated in the recipe, it collapsed so was clearly over proofed - stink.

Proofed loaf (in bannetton)

Baked loaf

Loaf crumb

The baked loaf, while not as high as I would have liked, had a lovely moist crumb and fabulous flavour.

I need to make this one again, getting everything just right!

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